As a Registry Administrator, Anca provides support to registry users with opening and using their accounts, including creating new project records, and issuing, transferring, and retiring Verified Carbon Units (VCUs).

Before joining Verra, Anca worked as a client manager and legal assistant to several law firms in the Washington, D.C. area. In her most recent position, she managed client accounts and provided support to families of children with disabilities. Her interests in conservation efforts and sustainable development stem from the aspiration to protect the environment and its scarce resources. Originally from Romania, she grew up with an appreciation of nature and the breathtaking biogeographical diversity of the country, yet recognized the need for strict regulations to reduce its serious environmental problems.

Anca moved to the D.C. area to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Law and Society from American University and become involved in the myriad opportunities the city had to offer. Her most memorable experience was working on several exhibits with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History to further dialogue among visitors and instill a sense of responsibility in protecting natural resources. In her free time, Anca enjoys hiking, learning new recipes, and spending time with her pets.