Verra is inviting proposals from validation/verification bodies (VVBs) to assess the Methodology for Improved Efficiency in Fleet Vehicles.

The methodology enables the quantification of emission reductions from improving the efficiency of vehicle fleets and mobile machinery (e.g., fleets of trucks, buses, cars, taxis or motorized tricycles, excavators, cranes), such as by improving combustion or engine efficiency.

The methodology includes a standardized method of determining additionality and is based on the CDM Methodology AMS-III.BC (Emission reductions through improved efficiency of vehicle fleets) and VMR0004, which expanded the CDM Methodology to include mobile machinery.

The methodology was developed by dynaCERT.

More details, including required qualifications and application instructions, can be found in the Request for Proposals for Methodology for Improved Efficiency in Fleet Vehicles.

Please submit your proposal to Anna Mortimer, Senior Program Officer (, by 30 March 2022.