Verra invites proposals for the development of a new VCS methodology that will consolidate existing and proposed methodologies involving the displacement of virgin petroleum-based plastic production.

The existing VM0040 Methodology for Greenhouse Gas Capture and Utilization in Plastic Materials, v1.0 covers the conversion of carbon dioxide and/or methane into plastic. The Methodology for the Use of Alternative Materials that Displace the Production of Plastic, currently under development, covers the manufacturing of plastic substitutes from alternative materials, such as calcium carbonate or seaweed.

Verra has received several other requests to broaden the applicability of plastics-related methodologies. Since all proposals share (at least in part) the displacement of virgin petroleum-based plastic production in the baseline scenario, Verra will consolidate all approaches into a single methodology or methodology framework.

Please view the Request for Proposals: Development of a VCS Methodology for the Displacement of Virgin Petroleum-Based Plastic Production for further details, including the scope of work, deliverables, timelines, and requisite skills and qualifications to apply.

Please submit your proposal by Friday, 19 August 2022 to Cassandra Schostek, Senior Program Officer, VCS Program Development (