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Verra to Undertake Development of a VCS Biochar Methodology to Unlock its Potential to Mitigate Climate Change

To incentivize biochar emission reduction and removal activities, Verra is developing a comprehensive biochar greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting methodology in our flagship Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program — the world’s largest voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) program with almost 1,700 registered projects in 80 countries.

Biochar — a carbon-rich solid material made from biomass subjected to high heat and limited-oxygen environments — offers compelling climate, agronomic, and environmental benefits. Because its organic carbon component is generally one to two orders of magnitude more stable than the feedstock biomass it was produced from, biochar can contribute significantly to climate change mitigation when deployed at a massive global scale. Additionally, it aids in soil fertility and rehabilitation and can be used for alternate and innovative end uses such as in building materials, cement, and asphalt. Despite this potential, the biochar industry remains in its infancy.

The development process is scheduled to be completed by Q3 2021, culminating in a published biochar methodology available for use in the VCS Program. There will be opportunities for public input to the process including via a 30-day public consultation tentatively scheduled for May 2021. For further information, interested stakeholders can contact Stefan Jirka at

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