The updated CCBS and VCS Program joint templates have an effective date of April 1, 2024, for all joint project requests submitted to the Verra Registry.

All joint CCBS and VCS project documentation submitted to the Verra Registry on or after April 1, 2024, must be prepared using the updated joint templates. Projects are encouraged to and may use the updated joint templates immediately, as Verra will strictly enforce the effective date of April 1, 2024.

Per the August 2023 VCS Program updates, projects using the CCBS and VCS Programs must demonstrate conformance with both the updated VCS Program and CCBS Program requirements on safeguards and stakeholder engagement. The updated joint templates include new and revised sections to enable easier reporting on these and all other program requirements.

Verra reminds all stakeholders that the effective date for use of the joint templates does not supersede the effective dates for other VCS Program updates as listed in the August 2023 Overview of VCS Program Updates and Effective Dates (PDF), including those with an effective date of March 1, 2024. This means that joint projects must still report on the updated VCS requirements by the effective date of March 1, 2024, regardless of which version of the joint templates is used.

CCB and VCS Program joint templates may be used only if a project proponent is submitting concurrent and same-type requests (e.g., registration/validation approval or verification approval requests) under both the CCBS Program and the VCS Program for a project.

For any questions about using the updated templates for projects using the CCBS Program and the VCS Program, please contact