Revisions to the VCS AFOLU requirements are posted for public consulation from 7 June through 6 August 2011.

Revisions to the AFOLU requirements fall into two main categories. Requirements for a new AFOLU project type- Avoided Conversion of Grasslands and Shrublands (ACoGS) have been incorporated into the AFOLU requirements. AFOLU leakage requirements have been updated to clarify the accounting of market and non-market leakage, including leakage from migrant activities.

A public consultation document has been posted with a detailed description of these changes and where they can be located in the AFOLU requirements. Updates have been incorporated into Draft AFOLU Requirements document for the purpose of consultation and the updated draft requiremnts document has also been posted. Stakeholders are invited to comment on these revisions and should submit comments to

For an overview of the timeline and consultation process and to access the updated AFOLU Requirements, including the draft ACoGS requirements and updated leakage rules, please see our Program Development page.