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The volunteer picking up a bottle plastic in to a bin bag and the sea background ,recycling and protect environment from a pollution concept.

New Video: How Plastic Credits Can Boost Circularity

The 3R initiative (3RI), of which Verra is a founding member, has produced a video that explains how Plastic Credits can:

  • Drive investments toward a circular economy;
  • Jumpstart and/or complement extended producer responsibility (EPR) schemes;
  • Support social and environmental improvements throughout the plastic value chain.

Verra’s Plastic Waste Reduction Standard (Plastic Standard) is used to consistently account for and credit a variety of additional plastic waste collection and recycling activities. Plastic Credits issued under the Plastic Program help finance activities that verifiably reduce plastic in the environment.

For more information on how Verra’s Plastic Credits can help reduce plastic waste in the environment and support EPR schemes, please contact

Watch the video about Plastic Credits


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