Verra is establishing a new digital measurement, reporting, and verification (DMRV) working group (WG) and invites applications from interested stakeholders to join this group.  

DMRV encompasses a broad range of technologies, software, services, and digital tools designed to perform MRV functions for climate change mitigation activities. The DMRV WG will help identify new approaches to use digital platforms to automate data collection and processing for the development, validation, and verification of VCS projects. The WG will also help determine how DMRV can support the development and monitoring of VCS projects and MRV processes for climate change mitigation activities and carbon credits, and analyze challenges associated with DMRV. The WG will focus on providing recommendations and guidance to Verra on the development of digital methodologies, automation of MRV processes, and rules for certification and appropriate use of DMRV platforms.  

Verra anticipates selecting 10-15 stakeholders to participate in the DMRV WG, including those with experience and expertise in MRV, climate science, software and information technology, project development, auditing, and digital finance.  

Details about the scope of the WG, criteria for participation, and instructions for applying can be found in the Terms of Reference. Interested and qualified stakeholders can apply by 11 February 2022. Successful candidates will be notified of their acceptance by 4 March 2022, and the first WG meeting will be held by the end of March 2022. 

If you have questions, please contact Rishi Das, Manager, Technologies for Natural Climate Solutions (