Buildings generate more than 10% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, and the world’s building stock is expected to double by 2060. That’s equivalent to building another New York City every month for 40 years! Tackling emissions from the supply chain associated with construction, including concrete production, is key to impactful climate action in this sector.

CarbonCure Technologies has developed a carbon dioxide removal technology for concrete production. VM0043 Methodology for CO2 Utilization in Concrete Production is applicable to project activities that use waste CO2 as a feedstock in the production of concrete. Such project activities reduce greenhouse gas emissions in two ways:

  1. they incorporate waste CO2 into concrete, capturing CO2 that would have otherwise been emitted into the atmosphere and embedding it in concrete;
  2. they lower the amount of cement required in the traditional concrete production process, making cement production considerably less energy- and carbon-intensive.

This methodology is applicable globally.