A revision to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) module VMD0007 has completed the VCS methodology approval process, providing new components to the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) module.

VMD0007 is a module that can be used to estimate baseline deforestation rates for REDD projects. The revision adds population as a new approach within the module to calculate the baseline, using the observed relationship between population and deforestation.

VMD0007 – or REDD Methodological Module: Estimation of baseline carbon stock changes and greenhouse gas emissions from unplanned deforestation (BL-UP) – is part of the comprehensive set of REDD Methodology Modules (VM0007) developed by Avoided Deforestation Partners.

The revision, completed by The Field Museum, allows projects to determine baseline deforestation rates using historical deforestation trends or the new population approach. The module will retain its VCS number VMD0007, and Avoided Deforestation Partners will retain formal ownership of the work.

The revision was assessed by two independent validation bodies under the VCS methodology revision process. The first independent validation body was SQS and the second was Rainforest Alliance. All assessment reports and other documents are available on the VMD0007 page of the VCS website.

Questions may be sent to: secretariat@v-c-s.org.