VCS methodologies VM0003, VM0007, VM0008, VM0009 and VM0015 have now been fully revised and approved, and are available for immediate use.

Several issues were addressed as part of this revision process. VM0003, VM0007 and VM0015 were updated to address baseline scenario requirements on modeling the release of emissions from relevant belowground biomass, soil organic carbon, dead wood and/or harvested wood products.

VM0008 was likewise revised through a streamlined process to address new VCS standardized methods requirements. It is the first VCS methodology to assess additionality using a performance method.

The VM0009 revision was completed through the VCS methodology approval process, and now can be applied to scenarios of planned deforestation and unplanned frontier deforestation in addition to previously allowed scenarios of unplanned mosaic deforestation.

Documentation for these revised methodologies are available on each methodology’s page:

In addition, proposed revisions have been submitted to replace current versions of VM0006 and VM0010.  Please feel free to check each methodology’s page regularly for status updates.

Finally, the following methodologies have yet to submit revisions, and therefore remain invalid until further notice.Learn more

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