Two modules from VCS methodology VM0007: REDD Methodology Modules have been revised through the VCS methodology approval process.

The modules—VMD0007 and VMD0017— have been revised to improve uncertainty estimates in the baseline scenario. Module VMD0007 was also revised to allow for new modeling approaches.

The revisions, carried out by the Field Museum with support from TerraCarbon, were assessed by two validation/verification bodies: Scientific Certification Systems and Rainforest Alliance. Assessment reports are available on the VMD0017 page of the VCS website.

In addition, VM0007 was required on 30 March to undergo a separate revision to conform with requirements for accounting emissions from belowground biomass, soil carbon, dead wood and harvested wood products.

Projects may continue using VM0007 v1.1 provided a validation report is issued by 30 September 2012. Later projects must apply a future version of the methodology. Check the VM0007 page regularly for status updates.