Sectoral Scope

14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use


Approved 28 April 2016

This module is used in conjunction with VCS methodology VM0035 Methodology for Improved Forest Management through Reduced Impact Logging to account for GHG emission reductions from the implementation of reduced impact logging practices in East and North Kalimantan, Indonesia.

All parameters set out in this module are subject to periodic re-assessment. They are valid for ten years following VCS approval of this module, after which they will be re-assessed and this module updated. Note though that projects may use their validated crediting baseline and additionality benchmarks for their entire project crediting period. See VCS document Methodology Approval Process for further information.

KML file of applicable logging landscapes in East & North Kalimantan

Webinar on the VMD0047 East & North Kalimantan module

Public Comment

This methodology was open for public comment from 18 May 2009 until 16 June 2009. Public comments are closed.