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14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use

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Active 28 September 2023

This methodology quantifies carbon removals from activities that increase the density of trees or other types of woody vegetation. It provides two approaches for quantifying such carbon removals from afforestation, reforestation, and revegetation (ARR) activities.

  • Area-based approach: This approach combines plot-based sampling, remote sensing, and a dynamic performance benchmark to test additionality and establishes the crediting baselines at every verification.
  • Census-based approach: This approach applies to smaller projects where a full census of plantings is feasible. This approach best suits dispersed planting activities (e.g., urban forestry, agroforestry, shelterbelts, and revegetation activities that do not meet the forest definition). Under this approach, additionality is demonstrated with a project method and the crediting baseline is set to zero if conservative criteria are met.

VMD0054 Module for Estimating Leakage from ARR Activities must be applied in conjunction with this methodology to account for leakage related to the displacement of pre-project agricultural activities caused by the baseline agent or other actors.

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Development History

VM0047 Methodology for Afforestation, Reforestation, and Revegetation, v1.0
Status: Active since 28 September 2023
Developers: Verra, TerraCarbon, and Silvestrum Climate Associates
Dates of Public Consultation: 17 December 2021 to 28 January 2022
Summary of Public Consultation: VM0047 Summary of Public Consultation (PDF)
VVB Assessment Report: VM0047, v1.0 VVB Assessment Report (PDF)


Public Comment

The consultation for this methodology was open from 17 December 2021 to 28 January 2022.