Sectoral Scope

14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use


Approved 19 April 2020

This protocol focuses on enhancing sequestration of carbon dioxide by forests, reducing carbon dioxide emissions from forests and forestry operations and maintaining or increasing stores of carbon in forest and wood product carbon pools. Depending on project-specific circumstances, comparatively small changes (either increases or decreases) in the emission of methane and nitrous oxide may also be realized by eligible projects. Real GHG emission reductions and removal enhancements and increased forest carbon sequestration and maintenance relative to appropriately selected baseline scenarios will be achieved by undertaking the various eligible project activities. Applicable project types include Reduced Impact Logging (RIL), Logged to Protected Forests (LtPF), Extended Rotation Age/Cutting Cycle (ERA),  Low Productive to High Productive Forests (LtHP) and Avoiding Planned Deforestation (APD).

This methodology is applicable to project activities in the all provinces in Canada and provides province specific defaults for the Provinces of British Columbia and Quebec.

Public Comment

This methodology was open for public comment from 13 December 2011 until 12 January 2012. Public comments are closed.