Sectoral Scope

1. Energy (renewable/non-renewable)


Inactive 11 September 2023

Verra has inactivated this methodology in accordance with Section 5 of the VCS Methodology Development and Review Process v4.3 (PDF), given that no projects using the methodology have been registered within five years of the last update or review. See the announcement, Verra Conducts Quality Review of VCS Methodologies, Inactivates 10 with Low or No Use, for more details. The grace period for listed projects to complete validation is six months in accordance with Section 3.21.3 of the VCS Standard v4.5 (PDF).

This methodology quantifies the emission reductions achieved by constructing a new gas-fired co-generation plant that provides electricity to the grid and generates steam/hot water.  Emission reductions result from the displacement of electricity supplying the grid, which would have been produced from more carbon intensive sources. The steam/ hot water that is generated by the project would either have been produced for export to a steam/hot water grid or have been drawn from a steam/hot water grid. Emission reductions are achieved by the displacement of steam/hot water, which in the absence of the project activity, would have been produced in a more carbon intensive manner.

This methodology is applicable to projects which construct and operate a new gas-fired co-generation facility where co-generation of electricity and steam and/or hot water was not present in the baseline scenario.

Development History

VM0002 New Cogeneration Facilities Supplying Less Carbon Intensive Electricity to Grid and/or Hot Water to One or More Grid Customers, v1.0
Status: Active from 9 September 2013 to 11 September 2023
Grace period: The grace period for listed projects to complete validation is six months from the date of inactivation.
Developer: Camco International
Dates of Public Consultation: 16 Nov 2009 to 15 Dec 2009
Summary of Public Consultation: N/A
VVB Assessment Report: VM0002, v1.0 First Assessment Report (PDF), VM0002, v1.0 Second Assessment Report (PDF)