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14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use

The proposed methodology applies to project activities removing N2O from the atmosphere via the deployment of advanced titanium dioxide (TiO2)-based photocatalysts on crop leaves. Project proponents can apply the photocatalyst in their practices that will remove N2O from the atmosphere. Crop Intellect Ltd has a product approved for use in the US, UK, and European Union called R-Leaf®, where photocatalysts are altered through a specialized process selective for N2O gas and have been formulated in a simple-to-use tank-mixed formula with other inputs sprayed on plant leaves or any other surface area. The methodology can also be used by projects based on other photocatalytic technologies, equipment, or systems that remove N2O.


The methodology idea note was submitted by Crop Intellect (opens on external site), and is currently at “Step 1: Methodology Idea Note Submission” of the VCS Methodology Development and Review Process, v4.3 (PDF).

Stakeholders interested in collaborating during methodology development or developing projects that this methodology might enable are encouraged to contact Please include the Methodology Development ID# M0217 in the subject line.

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