Methodology Idea Note

Development ID#


Sectoral Scope

16. Carbon Capture and Storage


On Hold 25 September 2023

The proposed methodology applies to project activities that treat agricultural land with crushed volcanic basalt, which draws down atmospheric CO2 via chemical reactions for long-term carbon sequestration. The proposed methodology applies to a wide range of agricultural practices in temperate, semi-tropical, and tropical climate zones.

Summary of Development

The methodology idea note was submitted by Carbon International (external) and is currently on hold, as per Section 3.1.5(2) of the VCS Methodology Development and Review Process, 4.3 (PDF). Verra has decided to put the development of the proposed methodology on hold for the following reasons:

  • Verra is already scoping the potential for enhanced rock weathering as a viable project activity for a future VCS methodology(ies). In early 2023, Verra established the Enhanced Weathering and Mineralization Advisory Group (EWM AG) as a strategic and tactical resource to support the development of EWM methodologies and approaches. We are still meeting with the EWM AG regularly to identify MRV options, risks, and safeguards for EWM activities. We expect to run the EWM AG for several more months to get a full understanding of the EWM opportunity.

Verra may reactivate the development of the proposed methodology if the following issues are addressed:

  • Risks and safeguards related to potential toxicity, cropland degradation and other environmental effects are satisfactorily addressed,
  • Reliable MRV and GHG quantification approaches are identified.

Verra will reevaluate the status of this proposed methodology in Q1 2024. Stakeholders interested in collaborating during methodology development or developing projects that this methodology might enable are encouraged to contact Please include Methodology Development ID# M0246 in the subject line.