The Methodology Development and Review Process facilitates the submission of ideas for new and revised methodologies, modules, and tools. After reviewing, Verra determines the priority and most efficient pathway for the development. Depending on experience, expertise, and available funding, third-party developers or Verra may lead (i.e., manage and fund) the methodology development process. In the case of a Verra-led process, Verra hires an independent consultant to prepare the necessary documentation and manage the development process, and Verra will fund the VVB assessment.

See the latest announcement: Verra Takes Steps to Streamline Methodology Development Process.

The steps of the Methodology Development and Review Process, v4.3 (PDF) for new or revised methodologies, methodology revisions, modules and tools include:

  1. Stakeholder submits a methodology idea note;
  2. Verra reviews the methodology idea note to determine priority and the appropriate development pathway;
  3. Methodology developer submits methodology concept note;
  4. Verra reviews methodology concept and determines if it can proceed to the next stage;
  5. Methodology developer prepares and submits the draft methodology, methodology revision, module, or tool and draft project description (if applicable);
  6. Verra reviews the draft methodology, module, or tool;
  7. Verra conducts public consultation;
  8. Methodology developer contracts validation/verification body (VVB);
  9. VVB assesses the new or revised methodology, module, or tool and produces an assessment report (exempt for minor revisions); and
  10. Verra reviews updated methodology, module, or tool and VVB assessment report and determines if it can be approved.

Please refer to the Methodology Development and Review Process, v4.3 (PDF) document for the complete set of rules and requirements for developing a new or revised methodology, module, or tool.