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Important Reminder: Pipeline Listing Requests for AFOLU Projects

Verra reminds proponents of AFOLU projects with a start date on or before 20 July 2019 that they must:

  • request pipeline listing on or before 20 July 2022, and
  • complete validation by the relevant deadline:
    • 8 years after the project start date for AFOLU projects with ex-ante emission reduction/removal estimates of 20,000 tCO2e per year or less, and ARR, RWE and IFM (with the exclusion of LtPF) projects of any size;
    • 5 years after the project start date for other AFOLU projects.

These new and revised requirements for AFOLU Projects are set out in Section 3.7 of the VCS Standard, v4.2, which was released in January 2022.

Projects that do not meet this deadline cannot request registration.

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