Verra reminds project proponents wishing to receive VCU issuances before the end of 2022 to initiate their verification approval requests by 4 November to accommodate the required steps outlined below. Requests (registration, verification approval, and joint requests) received after 4 November will be processed starting in January 2023.

The required steps include:

  • For Verra to begin a project review, the project proponent must upload a complete set of documentation and request the project status change via the Verra Registry. Verra cannot start the project review if documents are missing or incomplete, or if a status change request has not been submitted.
  • The current processing time for Verra’s initial review of project documentation accompanying registration and verification approval requests can be up to 40 business days. During the initial review, Verra compiles findings that the respective validation/verification body must address.
  • The review of each round of responses and updated documentation may require up to 20 business days. A project review may take two or three rounds of findings and responses until completion. Higher-quality project documentation will require fewer rounds of review, resulting in a quicker approval process.