Throughout the next few months, Verra will participate in several webinars that are part of the International Emissions Trading Association’s “IETA Live: Carbon Market Virtual Series”. Verra staff will serve as panelists or moderators in several of these webinars, and also host one of them on 17 November. Please read on for more information on the webinars and links to register. If you are unable to tune in to a webinar live, please check back to this page for the recording.


At a Glance


In Detail

Carbon Market Business Briefs & Analyst Roundtable PART 3: Latin America & South Africa

  • When: 18 June — Link to recording available here.
  • What: This session looked closely at carbon market developments in Latin America and in South Africa, considering the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on progress in these regions. Highlights from IETA’s new business briefs on Mexico, Colombia and South Africa were presented.
  • With:
    • Co-Moderators
      Katie Sullivan, Managing Director, IETA
      Simon Henry, Director, Carbon Market Development, IETA
    • Presenters
      Alexis Leroy, Chief Executive Officer, ALLCOT Group
      Ana Milena Plata Fajardo, Director, Biofix
      Angelo Sartori, Director of Latin America, Verra
      Eduardo Piquero, Chief Executive Officer, MEXICO2
      Franz Rentel, Country Director South Africa, Climate Neutral Group

Informes de Negocios del Mercado de Carbono y Mesa Redonda de Analistas PARTE 3: América Latina

  • When: 19 Junio — Link a la grabación aquí.
  • What: En este evento especial en español, analizaremos el desarrollo de los mercados de carbono en América Latina, y el impacto de la pandemia del coronavirus sobre su progreso.
  • With:
    • Co-Moderadores
      David Antonioli, Director Ejecutivo, Verra
      Carlos Cordova, NCS Market Development Adviser, IETA
    • Presentadores
      Aldo Cerda, Director Ejecutivo, Bolsa Climática Privada del Hemisferio Sur, SCX
      Alexis Leroy, Director Ejecutivo, ALLCOT Group
      Angelo Sartori, Director de América Latina y el Caribe, Verra
      Eduardo Piquero, Chief Executive Officer, MEXICO2

Business Leadership on Climate Action: Accelerating the Global Transition to a Net Zero World

  • When: 9 July, 4:00 – 5:30 pm CEST, 10:00 – 11:30 am EDT.  Link to recording available here.
  • What: Voluntary action on climate is growing strongly across the private sector. Corporates are demonstrating a clear appetite to contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement by committing to carbon neutrality and net-zero strategies. In this session, the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) will give a voice to business, NGOs and market stakeholders to discuss options for maximizing high-integrity and high-impact action now.
  • With:
    • Moderators
      Antoine Diemert, Director, ICROA
      Jonathan Shopley, Managing Director, Natural Capital Partners
    • Presenters 
      Naomi Swickard, Chief Program Officer, Verra
      Jim Goudreau, Head of Climate, Novartis
      Jochen Gassner, CEO, First Climate Markets
      Brad Schallert, Director, Carbon Market Governance and Aviation, WWF US
      Nathaniel Keohane, Senior VP of Climate, Environmental Defense Fund

Rewilding the Planet – Can Carbon Markets Help Solve the Finance Gap for Natural Climate Solutions (NCS)

  • When: 26 August, 4:00 – 5:30 pm CEST; 10:00 – 11:30 am EDT. Link to recording available here.
  • What: This session will explore why there is a growing interest from the private sector in NCS and how it can be realized. NCS could serve as a catalyst for delivering private finance to mitigation activities that help countries reduce their emissions while creating new jobs in rural areas. The session will discuss these opportunities and benefits for countries looking to adopt NCS into their carbon pricing systems. We will hear from financiers on what they are looking for to enable large-scale investment, and from governments on what action they are taking to incentivize and support non-state actor financing of NCS. We will conclude with thoughts on what actions can be taken forward by business and governments in partnership to further harness the private sector’s interest in NCS.
  • With:
    • Welcome Address by Dirk Forrister, President & CEO, IETA
    •  Moderators
      Katie Sullivan, IETA
      Carlos Cardova, IETA
    • Panel Conversation  
      Manuel Estrada, Verra
      Tom Martin, American Forest Foundation
      Mary Grady, American Carbon Registry
      Nour Salmen, Shell

Unpacking the “NET” in Net Zero: Role of Markets & Removals at Scale

  • When: 23 September, 4:00 – 5:30 pm CEST; 10:00 – 11:30 am EDT. Link to recording available here.
  • What: Attempting to understand the multiple definitions and approaches to “net-zero” climate commitments can be challenging. This timely session will unpack government and corporate net-zero plans and pathways, and hone in on the crucial role that carbon markets must play to facilitate and accelerate these ambitious decarbonization trajectories. IETA’s session will bring together business, government, and technical experts to discuss why “net zero” means different things to different people, share up-to-date research on how carbon markets can be used to enhance ambition, and examine the latest policy, financing, and corporate leadership innovations in support of Natural Climate Solutions.
  • With:
    • Welcome Address by Dirk Forrister, President & CEO, IETA
    •  Moderators
      Katie Sullivan, Managing Director, IETA
      Richard Saines, Partner, Pollination
      Vicki Hollub, President and CEO, Occidental Petroleum (OXY)
      Gina McCarthy, President & CEO, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
    • Panel Conversation  
      Renat Heuberger, CEO, South Pole
      Frances Seymour, Board Chair, ART
      Federico Di Credico, Managing Director, ACT Financial Solutions
      Toby Janson-Smith, Chief Innovation Officer, Verra

The Future of Nested REDD+: The State of Play

  • When: 17 November, 11am – 12:30pm EST. Link to recording available here.
  • What: The Future of Nested REDD+ webinar will explore expert perspectives related to the evolution of REDD+ in carbon markets. We will start with a focus on key finance and policy issues related to integrating project-level actions into larger scales. Practitioners working in countries where nested REDD is being designed and implemented will then share experiences of accounting, policy, and MRV considerations. We’ll conclude with a discussion of how nested REDD+ mechanisms will need to be designed to play a part in truly safeguarding the world’s remaining forests.
  • With:
    • Moderators
      Manuel Estrada, REDD+ and AFOLU Director, Verra
    • Presenters 
      Charlotte Streck, Co-Founder & Director, Climate Focus
      Leslie L. Durschinger, Founder, CEO, CIO, Terra Global
      Donna Lee, Independent
      Milagros Sandoval, Mitigation Director, MINAM Perú