Verra is moving forward with a Scope 3 Program to bring increased integrity and assurance of emission reductions and removals projects operating within company supply chains (“scope 3 interventions”).

This decision follows strong stakeholder support received through the Scope 3 Initiative. Verra thanks the stakeholders who have engaged and provided feedback, especially the Scope 3 initiative pilot projects and Working Group. Stakeholder engagement will remain a mainstay throughout the development of the Scope 3 Program, including the piloting of a new standard and program infrastructure during the projected two-year program development.

During this time, Verra will address topics including:

  • How to adapt VCS methodologies to quantify Scope 3 interventions, including consideration of baselines, permanence, leakage emissions, allocation, boundaries, and alignment with corporate inventory reporting;
  • How to assure Scope 3 interventions, including greenhouse gas emissions impacts and supply chain connection;
  • How to track Scope 3 interventions in a Scope 3 Registry, and address risks and barriers such as double-counting, free-rider risks, and limitations to co-investment in supply-chain climate action;
  • How to align the Scope 3 Program as closely as possible with key processes and the infrastructure of the VCS Program so projects can participate in either program (with the possibility to transfer between them).

Next Steps

Further opportunities for stakeholder engagement will be announced in 2023. Verra expects to begin program development in early 2023 and launch the program in Q1 of 2025.

Verra is also hiring for a Senior Program Officer, Supply Chain Innovation to support the development of the program. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis.

For more information, please contact Jonathon Alcock, Manager, Supply Chain Innovation, (