The first project has entered the registration process with Verra’s new Plastic Waste Reduction Program.

Open Project Detail
Photo Credit: Second Life Thailand

Second Life Thailand supports the increased collection and recycling of plastic waste from ocean and terrestrial ecosystems in remote coastal and island communities across Thailand, a country that is experiencing some of the world’s worst plastic pollution. It will:

  • Collect and sort plastic waste from beaches, villages, schools and landfills;
  • Provide financial incentives, training and technical support to informal and formal waste collectors and recycling agents, primarily in areas with a lack of waste management infrastructure or investment in waste collection;
  • Connect entities in industrial recycling supply chains to establish a circular and locally integrated economy; and
  • Invest in regional initiatives to boost the recycling of materials that would otherwise be improperly discarded.

Second Life plans to issue both Waste Collection Credits (WCCs) and Waste Recycling Credits (WRCs).

The project has been developed by PUR Projet, which is providing expertise and support in the design, implementation and monitoring of project activities. Pur Projet is a social enterprise that was founded in 2008, operates in 40 countries, and specializes in ecosystem regeneration and conservation, as well as sustainable and circular supply chain management.

Following an initial 30-day public comment period (ending on 6 June 2021), the project will be independently audited to validate its design and to verify its collected and recycled plastic waste. If validated and verified, the project can issue Plastic Credits, which may be used by companies that have maximized efforts to reduce the plastic footprint of their operations and want to further mitigate plastic waste in the environment. Revenue from credit sales can enable projects to continue or scale up their collection and/or recycling activities.

Please contact with any enquiries.