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Exclusive Press Briefing: Final Report of the Voluntary Carbon Markets Dialogue

The Voluntary Carbon Markets Global Dialogue (VCM Global Dialogue) will release its final report on Wednesday, 27 October, at 9:00 am EDT.  Members of the press are invited to join the release event as well as an exclusive press briefing at 9:30 am EDT.

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The VCM Global Dialogue was established to bring the voices of developing countries to the center of discussions about the future of the VCM in advance of COP 26 in Glasgow.

The final report of the VCM Global Dialogue sets out a Vision and Action Agenda to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions towards net zero before 2050 and to ensure a sustainable future — one where the climate is stable, nature is respected, and all people are guaranteed the rights needed to live safe and healthy lives.

The VCM Global Dialogue is the culmination of 11 stakeholder meetings involving 350 participants from developing countries, indigenous communities, and scientific organizations. It is led by Climate Focus, the Indonesia Research Institute for Decarbonization (IRID), Transforma, and South-South-North, with support from Verra.

For more information, contact:
Steve Zwick, Session Moderator; +1 (312) 286-6143;
Anne Thiel, Sr. Communications Manager; +1 (202) 470-5664;




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