Verra seeks to better understand how its carbon accounting methodologies, audit process, registry, and standards expertise could support increased climate action through a potential Supply Chain/Scope 3 GHG Program.

Accordingly, Verra is launching a pilot initiative and invites applications from stakeholders interested in implementing an emission reduction or removal activity in a supply chain to test how carbon crediting methodologies can support the quantification of supply chain interventions and how the resulting emission reductions and removals can count towards a corporate climate goal. This work will also help shape the design of the proposed Supply Chain/Scope 3 GHG Program.

Verra welcomes applications from any sector with significant greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction or removal potential (e.g., agriculture, transportation, technology, manufacturing). Applications may be from a single entity or a group of entities.

More details, including criteria for participation and application instructions, can be found in the Request for Expressions of Interest.

Interested stakeholders can apply by 25 February 2022. If you have any questions, please contact Candace Vinke, Senior Director, Nature-based Innovations (