To ensure integrity and quality in the carbon market, greenhouse gas (GHG) programs such as VCS rely on validation/verification bodies (VVBs) to be properly accredited, thereby enabling them to independently audit projects against the program’s requirements. The VCS Program recognizes VVBs accredited by both International Accreditation Forum members and the UNFCCC. In order to provide further guidance for both VVBs and accreditation bodies working with the VCS Program requirements, we are developing an accreditation protocol whose objectives are threefold:

  • Assist accreditation bodies in determining whether a particular VVB is in compliance with VCS Program accreditation requirements;
  • Help VVBs understand the process whereby VVB performance is monitored; and
  • Outline the process by which approval for working on VCS projects may be suspended and reinstated.

The accreditation protocol will also set out the principles and requirements of ISO 14065 – Scope VCS, a key accreditation requirement referenced by the VCS Program Guide.  It is intended that the accreditation protocol will serve as the key resource document for VVBs and accreditation bodies on the subject of VCS Program-specific accreditation requirements.

It is currently envisaged that the VCS accreditation protocol will be released in Q4 of this year. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at