Verra has published a clarification to the Program Guide, v4.1. Verra publishes such clarifications from time to time to ensure the integrity of the VCS Program and carbon markets.

If project proponents use methodology elements (e.g., methodologies, modules, and tools) from VCS-approved GHG programs to develop projects in the VCS Program, the current clarification specifies that they must use the latest version of the approved GHG program methodology element. Relevant grace period lengths apply.

Project proponents and validation/verification bodies must apply all VCS Program rules and regulations consistent with this Clarification of VCS Program Rules and Requirements, 29 April 2022.

For example, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) – a VCS-approved GHG program – recently updated Tool 32, Positive Lists of Technologies to exclude grid-connected solar photovoltaic technologies. In line with VCS Program rules and as made explicit by this clarification, projects using version 3.0 of Tool 32, which allows grid-connected solar photovoltaic technologies, must have requested listing on the VCS project pipeline by 10 March 2022. Such projects have until 5 November 2022 to have a VCS validation report issued in order to be eligible to request registration under the VCS Program.

If you have any questions about this clarification, please contact Matt Borden, Senior Program Officer, Program Development and Innovations, at

Effective Date: 29 April 2022