21 June – The VCS Association invites qualified individuals to participate in the peer review of draft guidelines for developing standardized approaches to determining additionality and quantifying GHG emission reductions and removals.

The draft guidelines set out specific VCS rules and requirements for developing and assessing standardized approaches, in particular performance benchmarks and positive lists, in VCS methodologies. The guidelines are part of broader work being done by the VCS Steering Committee on Standardized Approaches for Baselines and Additionality.

The objective of the peer review is to solicit detailed technical input to ensure the draft guidelines are conceptually sound, environmentally rigorous and workable in practice. Broader input will be sought later during a public consultation; the emphasis of the peer review is on the technical rigor of the guidelines.

Peer reviewers should have significant expertise and experience with standardized approaches. Methodology developers, policy makers, market analysts and validation/verification bodies, among others, are invited to apply. Familiarity with VCS methodology development and assessment is useful but not essential.

The peer review will begin in mid-July, and peer reviewers will be asked to provide comments by mid-August 2011. Peer reviewers should expect to commit 4-8 hours to the task. We regret that we are unable to offer compensation to peer reviewers.

To be considered as a peer reviewer, please submit your CV and a brief description of your experience tosecretariat@v-c-s.org. To recommend a qualified peer reviewer, please submit their name and contact details to the same email address.

All recommendations should be submitted by Friday 1 July 2011, and all peer reviewer applications should be submitted by Friday 8 July 2011.