Verra’s Plastic Waste Reduction Program (Plastic Program) is inviting applications from experts in plastic waste collection and recycling activities or specific geographies for its Roster of Local Experts.

These local experts serve as resources for approved validation/verification bodies (VVBs) as they review projects seeking certification with Verra’s Plastic Program. For example, they can provide VVBs with a comprehensive understanding of the context for stakeholder engagement and social and environmental safeguards requirements. In doing so, they help VVBs effectively assess a diverse range of plastic waste collection and recycling projects all over the world and ensure high-quality Plastic Credits are issued.

Applicants must have at least two years of experience in the relevant area of expertise related to plastic waste collection or recycling – such as mechanical recycling, chemical recycling, formal waste collection and/or municipal solid waste, informal waste collection, or labor and social impact – or general expertise in a specific geographic context.

Interested individuals should submit a completed Expert Application Form to The Roster of Local Experts will soon be available on the Verra website.