VCS seeks qualified individuals to join its list of experts approved to assess methodologies submitted to the VCS Program. Specifically, VCS seeks experts in Standardized Methods and in the AFOLU project category Avoided Conversion of Grasslands and Shrublands (ACoGS).

Experts in Standardized Methods should have significant expertise in the development and use of standardized methods. Experts in ACoGS should have experience in the dynamics of grassland and shrubland ecosystems, together with other relevant AFOLU experience.

VCS requires that an approved expert be used by at least one of the validation/verification bodies assessing a submitted methodology. See the list of current experts approved to assess AFOLU methodologies.

Detailed application procedures for experts are set out in Section 9 of the Methodology Approval Process document.

For immediate consideration, individuals are asked to submit applications by 30 March 2012. Reviews are conducted on a quarterly basis, and applications submitted after 30 March 2012 cannot be considered until the following quarter.

Please submit all applications to