Before joining Verra, John worked as a Project Manager at South Pole. There, he was responsible for the evaluation, development, and implementation of projects focused on the avoidance, reduction, or removal  of greenhouse gas emissions (ARR projects) under voluntary carbon programs. His work helped ensure the timely issuance of carbon credits and included conducting technical evaluations and due diligence assessments of carbon dioxide removal initiatives aimed at Net Zero targets. As part of his position at South Pole, John also provided support to the regional commercial team and other global offices in assessing the viability and eligibility of methane and energy-transition projects under various carbon crediting programs (including Verra, Gold Standard, GCC, CAR, and Cercarbono).

Prior to his time at South Pole, John served as lead auditor and technical expert for a VVB, where he accumulated significant experience in the assessment of GHG projects under CDM/VCM programs and methodologies, as well as the analysis of GHG inventories and emission reductions. As part of his work in consultancy, academia, and research groups, John has also prepared proposals for consultancy firms, environmental NGOs, and universities, led research projects, and produced several scientific articles.

John is a Chemical Engineer, holding an Master of Philosophy degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering (University of Southampton) and both a Master of Science and doctoral degree in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (Universidad del Valle). He is based in Cali, Colombia, and is always enjoying the weather and outdoor activities with family and friends.