Develop a Methodology

The VCS methodology approval process offers developers a pathway for building new methodologies when no existing methodology addresses their needs. Under the methodology approval process, or MAP, proposed methodologies are reviewed by Verra, and assessed and validated by an approved validation/verification body (VVB).

The basic steps of the MAP:

  1. Methodology developer prepares and submits methodology concept note
  2. Verra reviews methodology concept and accepts it into the full MAP, if it meets evaluation criteria
  3. After the concept note is accepted by Verra, the methodology developer prepares and submits documentation
  4. Verra reviews methodology
  5. Verra conducts 30-day public consultation
  6. Verra contracts VVB to assess the methodology and produce an assessment report, and methodology developer pays VVB directly
  7. Verra reviews documentation and assessment report
  8. Verra approves methodology for use if it meets all VCS Program requirements

To see the complete rules and requirements for developing a methodology, please refer to the Methodology Approval Process document.

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