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Methodology Revisions: Current Versions Valid Until 30 September

As part of our ongoing work to ensure all program elements meet or exceed evolving best practice, VCS has determined that several methodologies require minor revisions to conform with latest VCS requirements on standardized methods and the timing of crediting from select carbon pools.

These methodologies may complete the required revisions using a streamlined process facilitated by VCS.

Projects may continue using the current versions of these methodologies provided the project validation report is issued by 30 September 2012. Validation reports issued after 30 September 2012 must apply updated versions of the methodologies.

Below is a complete list of the methodologies. Details on each individual methodology can be found on the methodology’s VCS web page.

The following methodology was also reviewed and was found to require no revisions.

Finally, one methodology was reviewed and found to require significant revisions to conform with latest VCS requirements on peatland rewetting and conservation. Revisions to this methodology must go through the VCS methodology approval process.

Projects currently undergoing validation using VM0004 are encouraged to ensure the validation report is issued by 30 September 2012. The current version of VM0004 will be suspended on 30 September and a revised version might not be immediately available. PRC projects may also wish to review three alternative PRC methodologies which are currently under development in the VCS methodology pipeline.

The ongoing review and revision of methodologies is essential to market and environmental integrity. Parties interested in revising a methodology are encouraged to contact VCS for more information. VCS will make every effort to facilitate methodology revisions.

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