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14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use


Under Development

Second AssessorSCS Global Services

VM0007 (REDD+MF), v1.6

ADD-AM, v1.0

BL-TW, v1.0

M-TW, v1.0

VMD0007 (BL-UP), v3.3

VMD0016 (X-STR), v1.2

VMD0017 (X-UNC), v2.2

VMD0041 (BL-ARR), v1.1

VMD0045 (M-ARR), v1.1

This methodology provides a set of modules for quantifying the emission reductions achieved by avoiding the degradation or conversion of various ecosystems. The methodology is applicable to forest lands, forested wetlands and forested peatlands. The methodology also includes a module for activities that include forest regeneration.

VM0007, v1.5 has been revised to include project activities that conserve and restore tidal wetlands. The methodology revision includes a number of revised modules and three new modules, including an activity method module for the demonstration of additionality for wetland restoration and conservation projects.

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This methodology was open for public comment from 21 February 2017 until 23 March 2017. Public comments are closed.