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Carbon Expo 2011: Voluntary markets panel, cocktail party & more!

Look for VCS staff & board members at the upcoming Carbon Expo 2011 in Barcelona. You can find us at our booth on the ground floor of the Exhibition area – or at our cocktail reception in the main conference hall on Thursday starting at 17:00. On Friday morning, CEO David Antonioli will join IETA’s main voluntary markets panel to discuss the outlook for voluntary activity. See the full Carbon Expo Conference Program (pdf)

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Initiative for Climate Action Transparency

Supporting countries around the world in the evaluation of the climate, sustainable development and transformational impacts of their policies and actions 

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Women at Community Meeting in Indonesia

Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard

A flexible framework for assessing and reporting on the sustainable development benefits of project-based activities,…

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Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ (JNR)

Driving private investment in REDD+ at multiple scales

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