Riana Frazier

Title: Operations Manager
Joined Verra: 2021
Languages spoken:English

As Operations Manager, Riana is responsible for managing office operations and business transformation initiatives both within the physical office and for employees around the globe.

Prior to joining Verra, Riana worked as a customer service manager overseeing store logistics and daily operations while finishing her graduate degree. Riana has also spent time in the transportation logistics industry and has experience as an entrepreneur.

Riana earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from University of Maryland Baltimore County and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management from Regent University. In her spare time, Riana enjoys spending time with her newborn son, her husband, and their two furbabies.

Our Work

California Offset Project Registry

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Colombian Institute for Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC)

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Steering Committee on Standardized Methods for Baselines and Additionality

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