Jacobo Carrizales

Title: Senior Officer Auditor and Accreditation Body Engagement
Joined Verra: 2022

As Senior Officer Auditor and Accreditation Body Engagement, Jacobo will be part of the team providing training for the VVBs and Accreditation Bodies. His work will define specific internal procedures in the framework to increase the capabilities of VVBs. He has experience in Auditing and Accreditation and developing public policies and stakeholder engagement.

Jacobo is a gregarious family man who enjoys the company of his beloved wife and dog while also seeking for the peace and introspection that come from being in close contact with nature. Jacobo loves animals and forests and is also an avid football fan. Traveling is his great passion – encountering other cultures, meeting people, exploring new places, tasting different types of food, etc.

Jacobo is based in Bogotá, Colombia.

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