Scope 3 Initiative Working Group

Formed in May 2022, the Scope 3 Initiative investigates key barriers to implementing and scaling supply chain climate action in organizational Scope 3 emissions inventories, and how Verra could facilitate greater climate action in this area. The initiative encompasses a multi-stakeholder Working Group, which includes a Pilot Project Group, a broader consultative group, and one-on-one exchanges with stakeholders.

The multi-stakeholder group investigates key barriers to implementing and scaling climate action in organizational Scope 3 emissions inventories. It also explores how the Verified Carbon Standard’s (VCS) market reach, carbon crediting methodologies, audit process, and registry could support robust accounting of GHG interventions in corporate inventories, prevent double-counting, and establish flexibility for companies to generate carbon credits or Scope 3 interventions.

The Working Group will discuss key themes (such as accounting approaches, potential for market mechanisms, ownership, and allocation, assurance, and reporting), and a subset of the Working Group, the Pilot Project Group, will examine approaches and methods being used in ongoing supply chain mitigation projects. The Working Group will periodically share progress updates with a broader consultative group with the invitation to provide written feedback.

Scope 3 Working Group – Terms of Reference

Scope 3 Working Group Members:

  • Brendan Dore, Restora
  • Hannes Etter, South Pole
  • Jenny Henman, Clarmondial
  • Alicia Klepfer, Blue Ocean Barns
  • Katerina Kolaciova, Strive
  • Devon Lake, Meta
  • Jessica Langley, JBS
  • Steve Lemeshow, CIBO
  • Gabe McNunn, EcoPractices
  • Paul Nicholson, Olam
  • Katherine Pickus, Tyson Foods
  • Guy Pinjuv, Indigo Ag
  • Kelly Ann Ross, Barry Callebaut
  • Sri Sukhi, EmitZero, Schneider Electric

Scope 3 Pilot Project Group Members:

  • Mark Graeme, NatureCo
  • Janet Joynt, Blue Source
  • Dedy Mahardika, Lestari Capital
  • Vanessa Maire, Diageo
  • Lola Menigaux, Sodexo
  • Pablo Reed, 12Tree
  • Quinn Sanford, 3M
  • Nate Truitt, American Forest Foundation

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