Verra Steering Committee

  • Mark Kenber (Co-chair), The Climate Group
  • Andrei Marcu (Co-chair), International Emissions Trading Association
  • Jan-Willem Bode, Ecofys
  • Derik Broekhoff, World Resources Institute
  • Mike Burnett, Climate Trust
  • Robert Dornau, SGS
  • Steve Drummond, CantorCO2e
  • Mitchell Feierstein, Cheyne Capital
  • Adam Kirkman, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • Erin Meezan, Interface
  • Ken Newcombe, Goldman Sachs
  • Mark Proegler, BP
  • Robert Routliffe, Invista
  • Richard Samans, World Economic Forum
  • Marc Stuart, Ecosecurities
  • Einar Telnes, DNV
  • Bill Townsend, Blue Source
  • Diane Wittenberg, California Climate Action Registry
  • Yoshito Izumi (Observer), Taiheiyo Cement

Other Programs

3R Initiative

The Issue More than 350 million tons of plastic are being used every year and…

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Photo: Paul Vincent

Verified Carbon Standard

The VCS Program is the world’s leading voluntary program for the certification of GHG emission reduction projects

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Initiative for Climate Action Transparency

Supporting countries around the world in the evaluation of the climate, sustainable development and transformational impacts of their policies and actions 

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