Rules & Requirements

VCS Version 4

VCS Version 4 was released on 19 September 2019.

Development Process

VCS Version 4 was developed through a consultative process including two 60-day public consultations, held in May 2018 and June 2019, and many individual engagements with stakeholders, including project developers, methodology developers, validation/verification bodies, trade associations, NGOs and other market participants. A summary of the comments received during the May 2018 consultation, and how these comments were taken into consideration in the proposed updates, is included in each of the documents posted for the June 2019 consultation. The VCS Version 4 Consultation Summary includes a summary of the comments received during the June 2019 consultation, and how they have been taken due account of in the final preparation of the VCS Version 4 program documents.

Overview of Updates

VCS Version 4 incorporates a number of changes to existing VCS Program rules and requirements. The VCS Version 4 Rules Map includes information about where specific requirements from the VCS Version 3 program documents have been moved to in the VCS Version 4 program documents, and whether there have been substantive changes to existing requirements or new requirements added.

All VCS Version 4 documents are effective on issue date, unless otherwise stated in the VCS Version 4 Summary of Effective Dates.

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