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VCS Version 3 Updates List

Below is a list of all updates to VCS Version 3 documentation since March 2011, when Version 3 was first released.

VCS documentation is updated periodically and individual updates are incorporated into the relevant documents. Updates strengthen or expand the scope of the program.



Update Overview (release date: 21 June 2017)

  • Streamlined project review processes for projects using both the CCB and VCS Programs
  • Expanded types of methodologies that can undergo a streamlined approval process, which requires just one VVB assessment
  • Updated source of global warming potentials to IPCC Fourth Assessment Report

Update webinar video (11 June , 12 June) and slides.



Update Overview (release date: 19 October 2016)

  • Clarified requirements for right of use
  • Introduced requirements for addressing negative environmental and socio-economic impacts
  • Introduced requirements for conducting local stakeholder consultations
  • Introduced requirements for public comment periods for projects

Update webinar video and slides



Update Overview (release date: 23 September 2015)

  • Removed validation deadline for projects applying a standardized method for demonstrating additionality
  • Released clarification to the VCS Standard
  • Released errata for the Non-Permanence Risk Report Calculation Tool


Update Overview (release date: 25 March 2015)

  • Introduced methodology concept screening process
  • Introduced procedure for Joint Implementation projects to register with the VCS Program
  • Updated program fee schedule (released 12 January 2015)



Update Overview (release date: 30 October 2014)

  • Revised JNR Requirementsto provide additional clarification and guidance.
  • Released new JNR monitoring report template and jurisdictional representations.
  • Updated several project proponent representations.
  • Released clarifications to the VCS Standardand Registration and Issuance Process.


Exclusion of HFC-23 (release date: 9 January 2014)

  • HFC-23 excluded from the scope of the VCS Program



Update Overview (release date: 8 October 2013)

  • A new process for reviewing project registration and issuance requests
  • Revised templates for project development, monitoring, validation and verification
  • Updates to the methodology approval process to clarify and streamline the process
  • Revised templates for methodology development
  • New JNR documents and tools



Updates Overview (release date: 4 October 2012; updated: 17 December 2012)

  • Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ (JNR) requirements released
  • Wetlands Restoration and Conservation (WRC) requirements released
  • Introduced requirements on rotation of validation/verification bodies (VVBs)
  • Updated VCS Standardto include requirements for project description deviations
  • Updated methodology grace period rules to limit grace periods to projects listed on Project Pipeline
  • Revised Registration and Issuance Processto require all registered projects register publicly
  • Updated requirements on materiality, models, REDD project eligibility and other requirements
  • Released Validation and Verification Manual


Updates Overview (release date: 1 May 2012)

  • Project Pipeline launchesd


Updates Overview (release date: 1 February 2012)

  • Standardized methods requirements released
  • Expanded requirements and procedures for AFOLU projects registering and issuing credits under VCS and an approved GHG program
  • Updated grace periods for methodologies that are revised
  • Inserted criteria and procedures to determine the baseline pattern of carbon loss in soil, wood products, dead wood and below-ground biomass
  • Revised additionality regulatory surplus rules to differentiate between Annex I and non-Annex I countries
  • Clarified complaints and appeals procedure
  • Updated rules on double counting to clarify requirements governing double monetization and double selling versus double claiming. See Double Counting Policy Brief



Updates Overview (release date: 19 October 2011)

  • New Avoided Conversion of Grasslands and Shrublands (ACoGS) project category
  • Clarified methodology review process
  • Release of Methodology Assessment Report Template
  • New pathway for temporary VVB accreditation


Updates Overview (release date: 15 July 2011)

  • Introduced policy on VCU tags
  • Extension of AFOLU validation/verification deadlines for pre-2002 projects
  • Requirements for projects registered sequentially under the VCS Program and a non-approved GHG program
  • Clarified grace period rules for projects using new methodologies
  • Clarified qualifications for AFOLU experts


Version 3 released

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