Rules & Requirements

Previous Versions

Below is a listing of the previous version of documents for the VCS Program. All documents are no longer in use.

VCS Version 3

VCS Version 3 requirements, procedural and guidance documents, and templates


Guidance for Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use Projects
Guidance on the Tool for AFOLU Methodological Issues, Version 2007.1

Tool for AFOLU Methodological Issues
AFOLU requirements for Version 2007.1

VCS Standard Version 1
The VCS Standard Version 1 was in effect from late 2007 until it was replaced in 2008 by the updated VCS Version 2007. At that time, VCS was called the Voluntary Carbon Standard.

VCS Standard 2007
VCS Standard Version 2007

VCS Program Guidelines 2007
Program Guidelines for VCS Version 2007

VCS Standard 2007.1
VCS Standard for Version 2007.1

VCS Program Guidelines 2007.1
Program Guidelines for Version 2007.1


Project Registration and VCU Issuance
Registration and VCU issuance process for Version 2007.1.

Double Approval Process
VCS Program Version 2007.1 normative document on the double approval process

Tool for AFOLU Non-Permanence Risk Analysis and Buffer Determination
Non-permanence risk tool for Version 2007.1

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