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Wetlands Restoration and Conservation (WRC)

Across the world, land use changes are rapidly degrading and destroying wetland ecosystems. VCS offers a carbon finance mechanism to incentivize restoration, rewetting and other wetland conservation activities by including wetlands ecosystems in its AFOLU program.

The Wetlands Restoration and Conservation (WRC) project category provides a framework for accounting for emission reductions in mangroves, tidal and coastal wetlands, marshes, seagrasses, floodplains, deltas, and peatlands among others. These groundbreaking requirements are the first for crediting restoration and conservation activities across wetland ecosystems. The full WRC rules are found within the AFOLU Requirements.

Call for Experts

Individuals with experience in the dynamics of wetland ecosystems, together with other relevant AFOLU project or methodology development experience, are invited to submit an application to become an AFOLU methodology expert for WRC.

Developing WRC Requirements

The WRC requirements were developed by VCS and a working group of technical experts. Following a peer review, public consultation and a rigorous review process, the requirements were released in 2012.

VCS wishes to thank Restore America’s Estuaries for providing generous support in the development of the WRC requirements.

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