TÜV Nord Cert GmbH

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VVB ID: 009

Contact: Stefan Winter, swinter@nulltuev-nord.de, +49 (0) 160 888-6623

Kunal Rami, krami@nulltuev-nord.de, +49 (0) 201 825-2191

Location: TÜV NORD CERT GmbH, Am TÜV 1, 45307 Essen, Germany

Website: www.tuev-nord.de

Other Programs

Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard

The SD VISta Program The Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta) is a flexible…

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Photo: Paul Vincent

Verified Carbon Standard

The VCS Program is the world’s leading voluntary program for the certification of GHG emission reduction projects

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Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards

Supporting land use projects in addressing climate change, supporting local communities and smallholders and conserving biodiversity

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