Steering Committee on Standardized Methods for Baselines and Additionality

Steering Committee members

  • Jerry Seager, VCS
  • Michael Lehmann, (Chair) Det Norske Veritas
  • Dinesh Aggarwal, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and CDM Meth Panel
  • Derik Broekhoff, Climate Action Reserve
  • John Drexhage, International Council on Mining & Metals and VCS Board
  • Rob Fowler, Essential Change Advisory Services
  • Michael Gillenwater, Greenhouse Gas Management Institute
  • Bettina von Hagen, Ecotrust and VCS Board
  • Jan-Willem Martens, Independent Consultant and CDM Meth
  • Catherine Martin-Robert, Holcim
  • Jessica Orrego, Equator
  • Gareth Phillips, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources
  • Christoph Sutter, South Pole Carbon Assessment Mgmt
  • Einar Telnes, PointCarbon
  • Luis de la Torre, Repsol Gas and CDM Meth Panel
  • Zach Willey, Environmental Defense Fund

Peer Reviewers

  • Neil Bird, Joanneum Research
  • Sandra Greiner, Climate Focus
  • Jürg Grütter, Grütter Consulting
  • Edie Sonne Hall, Weyerhaeuser
  • Jaime Martin Juez, Repsol, CDM Meth Panel
  • Nicolas Müller, Perspectives
  • Anja Kollmuss, CDM Watch
  • Michael Lazarus, Stockholm Environment Institute – US
  • Anne Arquit Niederberger, Policy Solutions
  • Ingo Puhl, South Pole Carbon Asset Management
  • Monali Ranade, World Bank
  • Rama Reddy, World Bank

Steering committee members and peer reviewers have kindly contributed their time and expertise. Review of VCS requirements does not imply endorsement by any individual or organization.

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