Supporting projects that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs


This page provides information on all projects seeking or achieving listing, registration and verification under the SD VISta Program. It provides full transparency on SD VISta project documentation and information about the project proponent.

SD VISta projects represent a wide variety of sustainable development activities and technologies.

SD VISta projects will be listed on this page prior to the launch of the SD VISta registry and database. These projects should submit their documents to Projects also using the Verified Carbon Standard and/or the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards should submit their documents for those programs to the Verra registries per usual.


1857 – Grouped OFF-GRID Renewable Energy Project in India

607 – Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project

PL2077  – Tuik Ruch Lew Improved Cookstove Project For Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 

674- Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project

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The SD VISta Label

SD VISta-verified projects that also issue social or environmental units under another Verra-approved program must apply an SD VISta label to those units. The SD VISta label is a permanent marker added to a unit’s unique registry identification code that allows buyers to identify units from a project that has met the Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard.

The Verified Carbon Standard is the only program currently approved to apply SD VISta labels. Programs can request approval to use the SD VISta label on its units by contacting Verra.

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