Scaling Up Plastic Waste Collection and Recycling

Verra Registry

The Verra Registry is the cornerstone for the implementation of Verra’s standards and programs. It is the storehouse of information on all projects under the Plastic Program. It facilitates the transparent listing of information on certified plastic waste collection and recycling projects, issued and retired Plastic Credits, and enables the trading of Plastic Credits. The Verra Registry also ensures the uniqueness of projects and credits in the system.

Project proponents that do not want to issue Plastic Credits from their projects and are only using the Plastic Standard for accounting purposes can use the Verra Registry solely for transparency of their projects. Such projects will be listed on the Verra Registry under the Plastic Program together with projects that are issuing credits. Proponents of these projects will follow the same process of opening a Verra Registry account and project registration as projects that are issuing Plastic Credits.

For more information on the Verra Registry, click here.

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