Plastic Waste Reduction Standard

Scaling Up Plastic Waste Recovery and Recycling

Public Consultation

The second public consultation was open from 15 July through 23 August on three key elements of the Plastic Waste Reduction Program. 

The Plastic Waste Reduction Program (Plastic Program) is being developed through a multi-stakeholder process. More than 30 technical experts representing over 15 countries — including environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs), recycling and waste management entities, project developers, related initiatives and potential end users — are contributing to the development of the Plastic Program. It is being piloted by waste recovery and recycling activities in developing and developed countries. In order to make program development as open as possible, Verra also sought input through public consultations.

Public comments on the Plastic Program will ensure that it is practical for use by all types of plastic waste recovery and recycling activities and that it meets corporates’ needs. The documents that were up for consultation during this second period were revised based on feedback received during a previous consultation on the Plastic Standard (at the time of the previous consultation, the full title of this document was the Plastic Recovery and Recycling Project Accounting Standard, v0.1) and from pilot projects.

The documents for review during this consultation were the following:

  • Plastic Program Guide v0.1: Provides the rules and requirements governing the Plastic Program and further describes the constituent parts of the program (e.g., procedures and rules for registering projects and issuing Plastic Credits, the Verra registry, the methodology approval process and accreditation requirements for validation/verification bodies).
  • Plastic Waste Reduction Standard v0.2: Provides the requirements for developing projects and for the validation and verification process.
  • Plastic Program Definitions v0.1: Provides the definitions for terms used in Plastic Program documents.

This document presents changes implemented between the first consultation version of the Plastic Standard (v0.1) and this second consultation version (v0.2).


On 16 July 2020 we conducted a webinar to provide an overview of the Plastic Waste Reduction Program and explain how to comment via the Collaborase platform. The same content was presented twice; slides from the webinar are below.

Please contact with any questions on the Plastic Program consultation process.

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