Scaling Up Plastic Waste Collection and Recycling


Plastic Program projects include a range of plastic waste collection and recycling activities that reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment and the use of virgin plastic.

The diagram below illustrates the flow of material and credits in a Plastic Standard project example in which plastic waste is collected from the environment. In this example, the non-recyclable plastic waste is sent to a landfill resulting in Waste Collection Credits and the recyclable plastic waste is sent to a recycler resulting in both Waste Collection Credits and Waste Recycling Credits.

All Plastic Program projects must complete a rigorous development and assessment process before registering with the Plastic Program.

Plastic Program projects are often a single instance of an activity operating at a specific location, but the Plastic Program also allows for grouped projects that are permitted to add new instances of an activity over time and across various locations.

To get a better sense of the variety of real-world Plastic Program projects, we encourage you to explore the Plastic Program section of the Verra Registry, which lists registered projects and projects pursuing registration.

Explore Plastic Program Projects

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